OMEGA /AD590电流型温度传感器

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Absolute Maximum Ratings Forward Voltage (E+ to E–):
 +44 V
Reverse Voltage (E+ to E–): –20 V Breakdown Voltage
(case to E+ or E–): ±200 V
Lead Temperature: 300°C
Voltage Range: +4 to +30 Vdc Nominal Current Output at 25°C
(298.2 K): 298.2 µA Nominal Temperature Coefficient: 1 µA/K
Calibration Error: J: ±5.0°C
maximum (K: ±2.5°C)
Absolute Error: w/o external
Calibration Adjustment:
J: ±10.0°C maximum (K: ±5.5°C);
W/25°C error set to zero J: ±3.0°C
maximum (K: ±2.0°C)
Repeatability: ±0.1°C maximum
Long-Term Drift: ±0.1°C/month max.

Absolute Maximum Ratings 
Forward Voltage (E+ to E-): +44V 
Reverse Voltage (E+ to E-): -20V 
Breakdown Voltage
(case to E+ or E-): ±200V
Lead Temperature: 300°C
Voltage Range: 4 to 30 Vdc 
Nominal Current Output at 25°C 
(298.2 K): 298.2 µA
Nominal Temperature Coefficient: 
1 µA/K
Calibration Error: J: ±5.0°C 
maximum (K: ±2.5°C)
Absolute Error: Without external 
Calibration Adjustment:
J: ±10.0°C max (K: ±5.5°C);
W/25°C error set to zero J: ±3.0°C 
max (K: ±2.0°C)
Repeatability: ±0.1°C max 
Long-Term Drift: ±0.1°C/month max

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