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Element: TFD-design glass-encapsulated Platinum layer on a ceramic substrate
TFD Leads: Platinum wire 0.2 mm D (0.008"), about 10 mm L (0.39") Temperature Range:
-70 to 500°C (-95 to 930°F) Insulative Resistance
at 500°C (930°F): >108 Ω
This flat Platinum resistance
detector represents OMEGA’s
latest development in miniature temperature sensing devices.
It combines the precision of the Platinum resistance detector with
the small temperature-sensing tip
and rapid response time of the thermocouple. An immediate field
of application for the TFD is surface temperature measurement.
The TFD achieves rapid response times because:
1) It has a high ratio of surface 
 area to volume
2) The temperature-sensitive 
 Platinum layer is separated from 
 the medium to be measured by
 a thin ceramic substrate of high 
 thermal conductivity.
This is of particular interest to users measuring temperature in gaseous environments, such as wind tunnels and air conditioners. The TFD is also extremely vibration-resistant.
The resistance values and tolerances comply with DIN 43760 and BS 1904 ratings (Pt100 Ω).
The TFD element is supplied in
an encapsulated sensor screw-mounted brass housing with PFA insulated leads. Two-, 3- or 4- wire configuration is available. Sensor design provides cost effective, fast response and easy mounting on flat surfaces. The maximum temperate
of the probe assembly is 260°C (500°F). Termination options are available for easy operation in conjunction with OMEGA handheld meters or other instruments.

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